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Being Unnecessarily Nasty

I was in a bad mood and was unnecessarily nasty to some people. Two in total actually. Now I'm just reflecting on it.

Can't fix burned bridges

One was a life coach, the other a filmmaker. These were people who started a conversation with me, and I replied accordingly. But I got really annoyed and impatient when it came to personal questions regarding my love life or have no actual content other than 'how's your day' kind of thing. I guess I'm at the age where I have enough friends, I don't have enough time and energy to keep up with my own - let alone try to have new ones. I interact and entertain so many people for work already and I guess I'm just exhausted from it.

But I was just unreasonably rude and very ashamed for that. Should have been more patient. Sigh pie, life moves on.


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