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Jayne Ng - Entrepreneur | Jewellery Designer


I live my life enjoying the process of making connections and

reflecting on my experiences. I've had countless life turbulences, but overcoming adversity just makes us a lot more determined right?

I would say that the most intriguing thing about me would be the bold career path I had chosen right out of university. Not a jewellery designer first, but rather an investment grade gemstone dealer that was trying to survive on foreign lands.


So I get this question a lot, how did I start my business? Why jewellery? Where did the capital come from? What has happened since? I hope I can answer these adequately in this short brief.​

My interest in gemstones sparked when I was young. While my mother used to work in jewellery retail, I would be admiring in awe at how diamonds could be so sparkly. However, I've never imagined it to be more than an interest until I meet my business partner through part-time work. It is rare to find someone with the same interest in something so peculiar, and willing to learn about the trade together. 

A lot of budding entrepreneurs have ask me how to get started. This is the best advice I can offer:

1. Find a suitable business partner

2. Get educated

3. Make connections

4. Be profitable 

I was lucky to meet my business partner - someone willing to go through almost any form of hardships. We graduated through Gemologist education together at GIA and later worked in trade fairs and auctions houses to build relationships. I have had to travel dangerously alone as a 24 yr old girl to countries like Sri Lanaka and Indonesia, straight to the gem mines and farms.

I told my partner, 'Bro, we have to take risks. And we can't afford to outsource, either one of us have to learn Financial Accounting to do our own book-keeping.' 

We started out with literally nothing and had to hustle for every sale and connection. Every single cent had to be saved, from pasting our showroom carpet tiles to running every single function in the business, being extremely

frugal with our spending.

At the end, we leave with nothing but our memories. I strive to live in my current happiness while chasing my goals. Being so incredibly blessed, it now gives me fulfilment to help others with my resources or connections that I can share.


I firmly believe in learning the basics of anything off Youtube. After acquiring enough knowledge, take proper courses and get certified.

Our big break came from being acquainted to the personal aid of a high net worth client. Crazy capital was generated from those deals which allowed me to re-invest in the gemstones that you now see at my company.

For a good duration, my work life

was overseas trips to secure suppliers. In

2019 alone, I took 38 flights. It was the

year to build supplier networks. In 2020, Covid

made me realize that I needed to build a base in Singapore. Hence, I progressively transitioned into a private jeweller focusing on coloured gemstones centerpieces that can retain their value over time. For my clients, I am their last stop as I offer rare top quality gems at reasonable prices.

Looking forward, I have plans on creating a B2B subsidiary in the next 5 years as I have already been supplying gems to many local jewellers.


Moltenore | Fine Jewellery Atelier

Colored Rare Gemstones

I handpick really really good gemstones. Due to my appraisal work at auction houses, I've developed a keen eye for top colour and quality gems. These stones that I use, most often retain and appreciate in value. Till today, I continue to work with auctions houses, but now as a trader.

Valued by the Centerpiece

I strictly price my jewellery based on the value of the centerpiece rather than the design. As my roots are in gemstone trading, I take pride in sourcing for the best stones. I then craft them in classic timeless styles. This is why almost all of my pieces feature a single coloured gemstone of exceptional quality surrounded by diamonds.

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Instagram @jayynneee




2014 - 2018

American Pearl Cultural Association

Gemological Institute of America


Singapore Management University

Bachelor of Science (Economics)

2012 - 2013

Victoria Junior College

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