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Sexual Offenders

I've been getting this question a lot, what was the worst tinder experience I've ever had? Turned out someone I know IS a sexual offender. And this is way worse than the kind of DeeKosh drama on social media...

I've always thought, if I had a friend that messed up in life, surely I'll be there for him/her through thick and thin. So initially I thought those people that 'left' Deekosh, Eden Ang and didn't want to be associated with them were all quite superficial people. But it wasn't until this episode that I realised how emotionally impossible it is.

You'll start to question, how much of this person do you really know?

There's no comfortable way to tell this story, but I should still do it. Here's how the story goes. I knew this person for quite a while, we went out a few times. After he got attached, we kept in touch as friends for a short bit until he eventually cut all communication. It's cool, quite normal actually, I didn't bother too. Never thought I'll hear from him again until months later, this new girlfriend texted me on 2nd Jan 2021.

How she got my number? Apparently when that dude and I were texting as friends she saw my contact pop up and remembered it. Amazing. Kudos actually. So this girl whom I've never met, never talked to and never seen, texted me about how fked up this guy is.

How fked up is he? Apparently he goes around messing with different girls telling them he loves them and exploiting them. Here's the psychotic part, when they aren't looking or sleeping, he takes naked photos of them. Criminally, without their consent! Then to keep a copy, he emails it to himself. So this girlfriend, took screenshots of his emails, and phone's photo collage and sent it to me. I woke up on 2nd Jan with many nudes of other girls on my telegram. Cools. And she said she was a victim because she caught him taking photos of her while she was showering. That's just fking sick.

I'm not part of the victim gang but its just shocking how someone that seem so decent and respectable can be so sick in the head. There's totally no hint of it. He's a professional at this. And I realised how much lies were told. Since then I've became a lot more wary of people, especially when there are things I'm not sharp enough to pick up.

Anyway this nice girlfriend, thought I should know incase I was one of the victims. It's all a pile of bodies, she couldn't tell them apart. But I guess she sent it to every girl he talked to recently. Although I'm quite confused on why she did so. In the end, she didn't want to report to the authorities and I think she got back together with him. Well good luck to her.

I don't think I can see someone as a friend anymore after finding out what their morals/values are. It's never the same.

As much as I value friendships, this is really stretching it. I just hope he changes his ways before his luck in life runs out. Things like this will come back to bite. But in a nutshell, here's the worst tinder person I've ever met. It made me doubt everyone around me now.

There's a lot more details to this story but I'll leave that to another time!


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