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MU/SE Magazine Feature!

Yes you heard it! I'm gonna be on MUSE Singapore for their up coming February edition. I'm so thankful to have one of my life's milestones met.

The backstory

I met Elsie the editor of MUSE Magazine through a few degrees of mutual friends. Lovely kind lady who then brought me to a few of her events. We knew each other for almost half a year before being featured on her magazine.

Behind the scenes shoot

Photography and Videography by Winston from Muse. I really love his creative style! He really makes everything look perfect. These little snippets were taken by my staff at our showroom. That's Elsie in the background with her art director. It's my first ever magazine shoot and I'm so excited to see how it turns out. I had dreams of appearing on one but I never thought it would come so soon! Counting my blessings and luck with networking with people.

Here's my bro Yifeng and I posing for the cameras! And some unglam shots of him haha.

Excited! Can't wait for it to be out in February!!


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