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Moltenore is known for tailoring stories into bespoke statements with investment grade gemstones. 

Here are my favorite pieces that I created over the course of my time building Moltenore. My personal style usually feature a single rare coloured gemstone of exceptional quality surrounded by diamonds in classic timeless elegance.

Editorial Collage

A Showcase of Magnificent Jewels


Sunrise & Sunset

Sunrise - 5 cts

Unheated Sri Lankan​

Sunset - 7 cts

Unheated Sri Lankan



Ruby 5 cts

Pigeon's Blood

Heated Burmese GRS

Padparadscha & Rubies

Padparadscha 5 cts

Unheated Sri Lankan

Ruby 3 cts Pigeon's Blood Burmese Heated​

Ruby 5 cts Pigeon's Blood Burmese Heated 

Orange Diamond

0.75 cts Diamond

Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow


10 cts Tanzanite


High Jewellery Collection

2.03 cts FI YG VS2 Diamond - (GIA) with a rare Strong Green Fluorescence 

4.35 cts Rose Cut Diamonds 

0.25 cts Pink Diamonds 


High Jewellery Collection

Orange Diamond Display: 

0.75 cts FV OY Diamond - (GIA) 

Wynyard - High Jewellery Collection

Dainty creations inspired by delicate roses ​

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