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Paraiba 5.00cts Mozambique

Paraiba 5.00cts Mozambique

Colour: Neon Greenish Blue

Clarity: Visible transparent fissure on the surface, not obvious to the naked eye

Cutting: Pear shape, thin pavillion, resulting in an extremely large face size similar to a 6 carat gem. Also a visible window in the center, that can be covered when placed in a carefully designed setting.

Origin: Mozambique

Treatments: Heated. All Paraibas have to go through heat treatment to achieve its signature neon colours. It is a standard and widely accepted treatment for this stone.



Paraiba Tourmalines are incresingly rare. Mozambique Paraibas are known as the market standard before the Nigerian ones were available. As the Mozambique mines are no longer producing as much clean big stones like this piece, we're expecting another price surge very soon. 


I was lucky enough to acquire some of them before the price spike in 2020. Most of my Paraibas on hand now are 4-6 carats and are often sold very quickly. Grab this one if you like it, likely the wont be another coming anytime soon.

    Shipping and Delivery
    I provide free registered shipping but since these are expensive valuable things, I thought it would be better to also offer self-collection at my office - located in Tai Seng area
    Returns or Refunds

     I do not accept any returns or refunds simply because once my stone is out of my sight, it could be replaced or damaged. These are high value items that I am not willing to take the risk for.  An accidental drop or knock could also create fractures in gemstones that are more brittle, hence devaluing the gemstone.


    If you are unsure, you could always make an appointment with me at my office to view the gemstone in real life before deciding to purchase. That would safeguard both of our interests better. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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