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My First Post

I never thought I would have a personal site/blog but since I've been receiving a lot of questions on my work, business and life... I guess I could share part of my journey and some of my insights. Maybe it would inspire someone? Either way, it's also a nice way to document precious moments in my life since keeping it my memory isn't the most reliable way.

Writing has never been my forte, in fact I'm usually careless in my language so this is an uncharted hobby for me. Also I thought it's important that I start to appear somewhere in the Internet where people can connect with me, since I choose not to have a LinkedIn profile. Used to have one, but I deleted it after SMU when I figured out what I wanted to do in life and didn't see the need for it. To be honest, it is also because I felt the pressure of not having a nice wholesome resume with famed companies compared to my peers. I went straight into my business so I never really had the chance to work for someone else or to have any corporate experience.

So there's that! A nice personal page with all my thoughts! And if you like to connect with me, you can drop me a direct message on Instagram. I gets spams like 'hi', 'how are you' kind of messages with no content quite often and these are the kind of things I don't reply to. However if you have a proper reason or question, I'll do my best to reply! :)


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